Crispy Aromatic Duck£9.40
Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onions and hoi sin sauce

Honey Spare Ribs£6.50

BBQ Spare Ribs£6.50

Salt & Pepper Ribs£6.50

Dry Spare Ribs£6.50

Spring Rolls£3.40
Two Pieces

Mini Vegetarian Rolls£2.90
Eight Pieces

Crispy Won Tons£4.60

Sesame Prawn Toast£4.60

Mixed Starters£7.00

Salt and Peppers Squids£6.10

Chicken Skewers in Satay Sauce£5.20
Three Pieces

Salt and Peppers Chips£3.30

Fried Onion Rings£2.90
Ten Pieces

Curry Samosas£2.90
Eight Pieces


Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings£5.40

Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings£5.40

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